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Still Lifes: Efficient & Effective

Still-life painting
Little Blue Chair by Jairid Rossow

With Jairid Rossow

This workshop will focus on the essence of creating a well crafted and impactful image with speed and effectiveness. With a still-life composition you will learn about eye-flow, design, movement, and creating a compelling image. Quickly you will begin drawing, deciding what is needed and what can be added/subtracted. Painting will begin the third session. We will discuss holding the big picture, creating interesting marks, and tools/techniques to orchestrate the viewer's eye. This workshop is intended to work fast, find plausible conclusions, and create realistic illusions. The last two sessions will be from memory and knowledge of values, edges, color, etc. This will force you to ask the right questions and communicate with the work rather than the subject. We will work on authenticating the illusion and listening to the work. We are not solving mathematics, we are creating. The course will be 8 sessions over 4 weekends.

Length: 8 sessions over 4 weekends
Tuition: $285

Workshop Dates

Fall 2024

Dates Time Instructor
1:00pm–4:00pm Jairid Rossow