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Photo Reference Workshop

Photo of girl with cape and illustration next to it
Photo reference with illustration by Christine Mitzuk

With David Ginsberg and Christine Mitzuk

How DO they do that?! Are you uncertain, or do you have questions about how to create a picture of things that don't exist? This could be a posthumous portrait, a picture of something historical, or something completely fictional. You know you need references but don't know what to do.

In this workshop, we'll share information, tips, and tricks about how to know what kind and how much reference you need, pictorial as well as legal considerations, what kind of reference is available to artists, and ways to shoot your own reference by either working with a photographer who has the ideal gear, or using what you have available if you have budget and/or time constraints. Come with questions!

On Friday there will be a presentation and demonstration at The Atelier. For attendees taking the full workshop, please come with rough sketches. Please be prepared to stay past 4PM so we may talk with you about your sketches so you have an idea of what you'll need to prepare for the rest of the workshop. Please consider these things: any special clothing or costuming you may need; what is the setting, time of day, indoor or outdoor lighting; props that may be needed to fill in your sketch. If need be, you are welcome to bring a friend or hire your own model for the photo studio portion of the workshop, otherwise we will rely on fellow attendees or yourself to model for photo reference.

On Saturday and Sunday, the hands-on portion will be at David's photography studio. During the hands-on portion, attendees will get to capture reference based on their sketches.

Full lecture, demonstration and workshop
Length: 3 days
Tuition: $300
Limit: 10 students

Register for full lecture and workshop

Lecture and demonstration only
Length: 1 day
Tuition: $75
Limit: 30 students

Register for lecture & demonstration only

Workshop Dates

Dates Time Description Instructor
Fri. 1:00pm–4:00pm, Sat. and Sun. 10:00am–4:00pm Full workshop David Ginsberg and Christine Mitzuk
1:00pm–4:00pm Lecture only David Ginsberg and Christine Mitzuk