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Developing the Outdoor Figurative Composition

Outdoor figurative painting
And Water by Andy Sjodin

With Andy Sjodin

This workshop will be a process and preliminary work focused class that will take place over the course of two weekends. The objective of the workshop will be the creation of preliminary work needed to execute a finished outdoor composition involving a clothed figure. Two Saturday afternoons will be spent out “in the field” working from a live model to create sketches, develop color studies, and gather reference images (photographs). Two Sunday afternoons will be spent working in-studio from the created reference materials to develop a well thought out, smaller scale, full-color composition. The goal by the end of the workshop will be for students to have on-hand the necessary preliminary work and knowledge to create a finished outdoor figurative composition back in their own studios.

Supply list:

  • a variety of smaller panels or canvases, 12” x 16” and smaller
  • oil-painting equipment (paints, brushes, tarp, palette, paper towels, etc.)
  • French easel or other portable outdoor painting easel
  • sketchpad
  • sketching implements (pencils, pens, charcoal, erasers, etc.)
  • notebook and pen (for note taking)
  • camera

Andy will contact the students closer to the time of the workshop to briefly go over the supply list and location for the outdoor portion of the workshop.

Length: 4 days
Tuition: $400

Workshop Dates

Spring 2023

Dates Time Instructor
1:00pm–5:00pm Andy Sjodin