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Intensive Character Art Workshop

Character illustrations
Bezier Games character art samples by Christine Mitzuk

With Christine Mitzuk and David Ginsberg

Learn how to create character art that tells a story. In this 5-day workshop, Christine will share the skills and process she uses to create character art for various tabletop games, including Ultimate Werewolf Extreme by Bezier Games. We'll explore ways to develop the visual "story" of a character. The art needs to communicate a lot: who the character is, what their role is in the game, and the context of the game. To achieve this, we have several visual tools to use, including gesture. We will work through the process from idea generation to rough sketches, photo reference, and on to final art. Students will come away with a basic understanding of how to develop visual narrative and, at the very least, a start on their final character art. Most of the workshop will take place at The Atelier. At least one day will be spent at David Ginsberg's photo studio to learn how to get good reference. Students may work digitally or traditionally, but will need to have a digital device to view and access the photo reference. Email Christine with questions or concerns:

For classes with Christine, if paying by check please make checks to C.M. Art Productions, LLC. (Checks to Christine Mitzuk cannot be accepted.)

Limit 8 students.

Length: 5 days
Tuition: $400

Workshop Dates

Summer 2022

Dates Time Instructors
9:00am–12:00pm Christine Mitzuk and David Ginsberg