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Cast Drawing: Structure and Anatomy

Cast drawing
Cast drawing by Stephen Bush

In this workshop, students will build their understanding of how basic 3-dimensional shapes can be used to conceptualize human anatomy on a much deeper scope. Using casts, we will use large abstract shapes to break down anatomy to better understand, and thus represent, our subjects. Students will walk away from this workshop with a stronger knowledge of how to prioritize anatomical forms, and how to abstract these forms into simple 3-D shapes. As they say, mastery comes from mastering the basics. Beginning any technical drawing with simple abstract structures better informs an artist whether their initial block-ins are solid and sound. Speaking the language of shape in space will equip an artist with confidence in their starts, and a more dimensional understanding of the human form.

Length: 3 days
Tuition: $300

Workshop Dates

Dates Time Instructor
9:00am–4:00pm Stephen Bush