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DIY Framing for Artists

Photo of Joy Wolfe working on a frame

By Joy Wolfe of Fine Art Advocates

This class includes a lecture and hands-on workshop. Joy's lecture will discuss how to present your art professionally on an artist's budget, designing an efficient workspace, and the basic tools of the trade needed to repurpose and craft beautiful one-of-a-kind frames. She will give a demonstration on constructing a frame, glass cutting, and assembling a framed piece of art with basic framing tools. You will walk away with a list of tools and knowledge to create your own winning combinations.

Joy Wolfe had a custom framing business for many years and also worked as an interior designer helping her clients with art and framing selections. Many of her past clients were established painters in Minnesota. She is well versed in creating beautiful and stimulating aesthetics with fine art as the focus. She has had the pleasure of working alongside artists at every level and now chooses to work with emerging artists who are looking to grow their art into a business.

Length: 1 day
Tuition: $75

Date Time Instructor
10:00am–2:00pm Joy Wolfe