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Painting the Outdoor Still Life

Outdoor still-life painting
Painting by Bridget Ertelt

With Bridget Ertelt

When we hear people talk about plein-air painting we often think of landscapes. However, painting the outdoor still life is an excellent way to study light and color. Students can learn a lot from this type of study, as it is easier to see how light and color shifts occur on simple objects than in the more complicated forms in the landscape. Each day exercises will be presented to help students achieve strong starts. Class focus will be on color, but light effect, value, and drawing will also be discussed. Students will begin the first few sessions by painting very simple still-life set-ups that will become more elaborate as the workshop progresses. Class will be taught in oils and tailored to all skill levels. Limit 12 students.

Plein-air supply list

Length: 3 days
Tuition: $300

Workshop Dates

Summer 2023

Dates Time Instructor
10:00am–5:00pm Bridget Ertelt