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The Expression of Idea in Landscape

Landscape painting
Field Road and Meadowlarks by Mary Pettis

With Mary Pettis

John F. Carlson, in his groundbreaking 1929 book, Elementary Principles of Landscape Painting, urges us to study the expressive properties of line, mass, and color. He states that it is a delusion to think that if a painter can merely “copy nature” well enough, he is creating a work of art, that he has to merely get a certain “likeness” of the things before him. He states that, rather, a painter must see through his motif, into its significance, and then choose his means accordingly. But how does one do that?

This workshop is designed to answer that question. We will plant the seeds of creative expression; we will impart a solid means to analyze and consider the quality of interest that a motif holds for us: the IDEA!

We will learn how to single out that transmittable, personal impression of some ONE QUALITY in the quantity before us, and get closer in our quest to understand and create true works of art! Each day of the 3-day workshop begins with a lecture and/or demo. Afternoons we paint outdoors.

All levels welcome.

Full lecture and workshop
Length: 3 days
Tuition: $500
Limit: 17 students

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First morning lecture only
Length: 1 day
Tuition: $75
Limit: 40 students

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Date Time Description Instructor
9:00am–5:00pm Full lecture & workshop Mary Pettis
9:00am–1:00pm First morning lecture only Mary Pettis