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Perspective Basics and Implementation

Portrait paintings
Let's Build a Fort by Jairid Rossow

This course is a combination of lecture, demonstration, and practice of basic concepts in linear perspective and just some of its many facets. Students will learn and practice key components such as one- and two-point perspective, eye level/sight line, horizon line, vanish points, etc. Perspective is age-old and has been utilized by master painters, designers, architects, and more for centuries. Understanding and implementing perspective in your drawings is crucial; whether it be city/landscapes, still lifes, or portraits. These understandings will help contextualize and enhance the work you continue to produce. Perspective is the basis of every drawing and every life on earth! Bring your sketchbook and join us to learn from perspective.

Fall session: 10 weeks, $240

Session Start Dates

Fall 2023

Day Starting Time Instructor
Tue. 4:00pm–6:00pm Jairid Rossow