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Color I and II: Exploring Color

Color wheel

This class is packed with information and color mixing. Each class is part work time, part presentation and discussion. Using the colors of The Atelier's Paxton Palette, students will create color boards, a color wheel, and value scales. Projects are paced by order of completion. Through these projects, students learn about the attributes of color (hue, value, chroma) and temperature, how to bend color mixes towards different color biases, and why a 50/50 mix does not make a middle value or middle color. The presentations will cover the color wheel as it relates to painting with the Paxton Palette, how we see color, mixing “mud”, Munsell and Gamblin color space, some color history, we'll demystify paint tube labels, and more. We will work on the color boards during class time. Additional time spent on them outside of class is recommended. Beginners to color welcome. Please contact Christine ( for what to bring to the first class. Please email Christine for what to bring to the first class.

Color II Winter Session: Deepen your understanding of color and expand your painting possibilities. We'll put color theory into practice with exercises, and explore practical use of theory. This class will be a combination of presentations, demonstrations, and assignments. Assignments will include color mixing exercises, working from still life objects, and from copies of master works. Topics include ways to alter chroma, the relative nature of color, color harmony, simultaneous contrast, and more. Color I or a basic understanding of Hue, Value and Chroma are strongly recommended. Some oil-painting experience is strongly recommended. Class will take place in person at The Atelier. We will be using the Paxton Palette in oil paint.

Limit 8 students. In-person at The Atelier.

For classes with Christine, please make checks to C.M. Art Productions, LLC. (Checks to Christine Mitzuk cannot be accepted.)

Fall session (Color I): 14 weeks, $285
Winter session (Color II): 14 weeks, $285

Session Start Dates

Fall 2022

Day Starting Time Instructor
Thu. 4:00pm–6:30pm Christine Mitzuk

Winter/Spring 2022

Day Starting Time Instructor
Thu. 4:00pm–6:30pm Christine Mitzuk