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Color I and II: Exploring Color

Color wheel

Color I Fall Session: Are you confused by color? Do you work hard to mix a color only to get a color you didn't want? My goal is to teach you how to make color mixing less frustrating and help you gain confidence in color mixing. Bring questions and a curious mind. Using the colors of The Atelier's Paxton Palette, students will create color boards (based on the color boards shown in “Alla Prima” by Richard Schmid), as well as some free-form color exploration. Through these projects students will explore color and practice ways to think about what we see when mixing colors. Topics include mixing analogous colors, complements, the color wheel, color space, gamut, the attributes of color (hue, value, chroma), temperature, color bias, why a 50/50 mix does not make a middle color, mixing “mud”, and more. Each class is mostly work time, part presentation and discussion. Most students find they need additional time outside of class to complete the boards. We will work in oil paint.

Color II Winter Session: Deepen your understanding of color and put color theory to practical use. Learn ways to alter chroma, the relative nature of color, color harmony, simultaneous contrast, and more through a combination of presentations, demonstrations, and assignments. Assignments will include color mixing exercises and painting studies from still-life objects and master works. Color I or a basic understanding of hue, value and chroma are strongly recommended. We will be using the Paxton Palette in oil paint.

Class will be in-person at The Atelier.

Supply List for Color I

Supply List for Color II

Fall & Winter sessions: 14 weeks, $350

Session Start Dates

Fall 2023 (Color I)

Day Starting Time Instructor
Thu. 4:00pm–6:30pm Christine Mitzuk

Winter/Spring 2024 (Color II)

Day Starting Time Instructor
Thu. 4:00pm–6:30pm Christine Mitzuk