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L'Écorché (The Flayed)

Clay anatomical sculpture
Clay anatomical overlay (detail) by James Shoop

Resin skeleton and clay anatomical sculpture
Resin skeleton and clay anatomical overlay

With James Shoop

Using a 21-inch skeletal armature, you will apply clay muscles to match an anatomical cast. Each muscle is applied in the order which is indicated on three lists provided.

List 1: the lower and upper leg.
List 2: the torso, upper arm, lower arm and the hand.
List 3: the neck and head.

The lists were designed to be used in conjunction with the anatomy book Anatomy for Artists by Eliot Goldfinger.

This class is an excellent study for the artist who is inspired by the human form. Each student will apply clay to the bone-tinted armature to gain a complete understanding of the relationship between muscle and bone. You will also learn important skeleton landmarks as well as the origin and insertions of the muscles and tendons. The finished sculpture will look like the clay muscle image.

Resin skeletal armature provided and included in the price of the class.

Additional materials required: Two 2-pound blocks of Chavant NSP Medium brown clay, $26. Chavant clay can be also be purchased online.

All sessions: 6 weeks, $600

Session Start Dates

Fall 2022

Day Starting Time Instructor
Mon. 4:00pm–7:00pm James Shoop

Winter/Spring 2023

Day Starting Time Instructor
Mon. 4:00pm–7:00pm James Shoop