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Alla Prima Portrait Study

Portrait painting
Portrait study by Lauri Meyer

Two-week portrait studiess

This six-week course will have one model for every two weeks giving students the opportunity to work on studies or alla prima paintings. Demonstrations by the instructor will show various ways to start a block-in. Topics such as accurate proportions, perspective, values, and capturing a likeness will be addressed. Students can draw or paint. Color and technique in oil will be covered for those who choose to paint. This is appropriate for all skill levels. Beginners can practice, and those who are advanced can create finished alla prima portraits. This class may be taken by students age 13 and up.

All sessions: 6 weeks, $150

Session Start Dates

Winter/Spring 2023

Day Starting Time Instructor
Sat. 1:00pm–3:30pm Lauri Meyer
Sat. 1:00pm–3:30pm Lauri Meyer