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Alla-Prima Figure Study

Figure painting
Figure study by Bridget Ertelt

One-day figure studies

Students will paint a new study each week working from the figure. Working from a new pose each week will give students many opportunities to study gesture, anatomy, proportion, value and color! Instructors will guide the student to achieve a complete figure, starting by drawing and progressing to blocking in with paint while striving for accuracy in proportion. All students will begin in black-and-white value for the first two classes progressing to color based on skill level and student preference. Throughout the class topics to be discussed will include value structure/form, some anatomy, color mixing/ relativity, and understanding temperature. Different exercises will be presented throughout the class to focus on these topics.

Supply List

Fall & Winter sessions: 13 weeks, $395

Session Start Dates

Fall 2024

Day Starting Time Instructor
Wed. 4:00pm–6:45pm Bridget Ertelt and Kenneth Schweiger