The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art


Our supply store carries most of these materials (with exception of watercolor supplies and hand mirrors). We sell all of the supplies needed for basic and figure classes. It will be open one hour before the first session of each class as well as during classes. You will need a separate check to pay for materials.


Kneaded eraser, plumb line (a weighted string about 24" long), masking tape, sandpaper board, 18" ruler, small hand mirror (optional).

Life Drawing I

Strathmore 2-ply drawing paper, 2H and 4H pencils, 20" x 15" drawing board (no clips), knife or razor blade.

Basic Drawing, Life Drawing II

Charcoal paper (Canson Ingres, or Strathmore), extra paper for padding, 24" x 30" drawing board (no clips), medium and hard vine charcoal, black mirror. Paint supplies will be discussed in class.

One-Day Figure Studies in Oil

Ultramarine Blue, Viridian, Yellow Ochre, Naples Yellow, Flake White, Cadmium Red (light), Light Red, Indian Red, Alizarin Crimson, Raw Umber and Ivory Black. Students working in Black and White need only bring Ivory Black, Raw Umber and Flake White.

Gestural Figure Study

For first class bring 18”x24” Rough Newsprint Pad, 2 Large Binder Clips. Additional materials to be purchased from The Atelier store: drawing board, pack of Medium Vine Charcoal, pack of Soft Vine Charcoal, kneaded eraser, plumbline, sanding board. Additional materials discussed first night of class.


Charcoal paper (Canson Ingres, or Strathmore), extra paper for padding, 24" x 30" drawing board (no clips), medium and hard vine charcoal, black mirror. Paint supplies will be discussed in class.


Supply List


Drawing board, tape, pastels (Rembrandt or whatever you have), charcoal, paper towels (Viva or Rags-in-a-Box), stiff bristle brush size 4 or 6, pastel paper (Canson neutral color and value, Wallis sandpaper white).


Sketchbook no smaller than 8”x10”, kneaded eraser, white vinyl eraser, Derwent Ivory Black Drawing Pencil. Additional materials will be discussed on an individual basis.


Easel: French easel or tubular tripod type.
Paints: Thio violet (Grumbacher) or Permanent alizarin, French ultramarine or ultramarine blue, Cerulean blue, cadmium yellow, cadmium orange, cadmium red deep, white (flake, titanium, mixed or Permalba). Unless otherwise stated Winsor & Newton and Rembrandt paints are good.
Brushes: Filberts & rounds in a bristle, 1 or 2 of each size (#2, #4 & #6).
Panels: Canvas panels or untempered masonite with 2-3 coats of gesso in sizes 8 x 10 and 9 x 12.
Miscellaneous: Palette cups, rags, paper towels, Liquin, viewfinder (2 L's), turpentine, palette knife, and a plastic bag for trash. Notepad for first class.
Optional: Bug spray, large brimmed hat or cap, sunscreen, umbrella to attach to easel box or freestanding with pole and stakes (for sun).

Landscape - Oil

Supply List

Landscape - Watercolor

Supply List

5-Day Figure Drawing Workshop with Mackenzie Swenson

Drawing Board; Artists Tape or Masking Tape; Knitting needle or skewer for measuring; Black mirror/mirror; General's Charcoal; Pencils: Medium and Hard; General's White Chalk; Pencils, Staedtler or brand of choice: 1x2B, 2xB, 2xHB, 2xH, 2x2H, 1x4H; Kneaded Eraser; Mono ROUND Zero Pencil Eraser (; Xacto Knife (for sharpening); Sanding Block; 1 Sheet of toned Aristico Fabriano Hot Press 140lb watercolor paper, cut down to 18"x 24" (Suggested tone: watered down sepia ink, applied in broad strokes with a brush at least 4 inches in width. One or two coats is sufficient.); Other 18x24 Paper: for backing and studies.

Perspective for Artists

Book, to be discussed at first class; 12" or 18" T-square; plastic triangles (optional); rulers, clear plastic recommended, 12" and 18"; 2H & 2B pencils; kneaded eraser; protractor; compass (optional); 9x12" pad of sketching paper.

Anatomy Through Drawing: Skeleton & Muscles