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Stacy Andrews Inglorion

Portrait painting
Portrait of Amy
Oil, 42 x 30 inches
by Stacy Andrews Inglorion

Stacy Andrews Inglorion grew up with a passion and pursuit for beautiful and truthful art. She began formal training for three years with private instruction under the tutelage of a local artist in Ohio, before completing four years full time at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts. During the three years, she was taught the comparative method of drawing, Bargue drawings, casts from life, and the colouristic approach in painting. She received a Gold Key Award in 2012, and earned scholarships to the Portrait Society's “Art of the Portrait” Conference. At this conference, she met many prolific artists, and briefly studied with Florida artist, Kerry Vosler. She has attended a workshop with Robert Liberace, learning his red chalk technique, as well as his drawing, and painting approach.