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James Shoop

Bronze sculpture of a woman
by James Shoop

James Shoop has been a professional sculptor since 1983. He first started sculpting at his family's foundry, Shoop's American Bronze Casting. Here he apprenticed under his father and learned many aspects of sculpting and production. In 1993 James began study at The Art Students League, The National Academy of Design and The New York Academy of Art. During this period he concentrated on the study of the figure, learning about anatomy, form, composition and technique. While in New York, he began his commercial business Shoop Sculptural Design. Today it is a premium studio specializing in 3-D sculpting, mold making, casting in bronze, resins, hydra stone and aluminum, paint masters, clothing/costume construction and pattern making. James has created a body of work that expresses his passion and interpretation of the human form.