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Cassandra Ronning

Still-life painting
The Blue Vase
by Cassandra Ronning
oil on canvas, 38 x 36 inches

Cassandra Ronning has been studying painting for nine years, and art has been an integral part of her life since her teenage years. Studying initially at the University of Missouri St. Louis and graduating with her BFA in painting, she continued searching for more traditional instruction. She often showed work throughout St. Louis, participated in live art events and volunteered at The St. Louis Artist Guild. After working in St. Louis for 5 years, she moved to Minneapolis to undertake the full-time program at The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts. She was awarded a scholarship from Oil Painters of America during her time studying with the school. Upon completion of the four years of instruction, she moved to a studio to continue still-life and figural work. With a mix of traditional and non-traditional instruction, her view on painting is colorful and expressive. She emphasizes putting paint on the canvas and enjoying your time in front of an easel.