The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art


Photo of Brock Larson painting

Brock Larson first began drawing at a very early age under the guidance of his father, Jeffrey Larson, as well as his grandfather, Marvin Espe. He started his approach to academic practice in high school with Charles Bargue plates, master copies, and cast drawings before moving to Minneapolis to pursue a formal education at the Atelier Program of Fine Art. He studied full-time in the Twin Cities for five years alongside attending workshops. In his final year of school, Brock began teaching evening classes for two years prior to moving back to his hometown area of Duluth, to help his father establish a similar studio training program, the Great Lakes Academy of Fine Art. Together, they spent two years researching and designing the curriculum before eighteen months of renovating an old catholic church into an ideal studio setting for students. Here, they currently instruct the full-time program and teach workshops.