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Bridget Ertelt

Landscape painting
by Bridget Ertelt

Bridget Ertelt is a contemporary realist/Impressionist painter. She was born in northern Minnesota, and was fortunate to have lessons in classical methods being taught in the art classes at her high school. It was there that she was first exposed to plein-air painting, which has become a passion of hers. After high school, Bridget received a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. Throughout her education and nursing career she continued to study art. After moving to the Twin Cities, Bridget became involved in Outdoor Painters of MN, and began taking workshops from many national contemporary artists. She discovered The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Arts in 2011 and took four years of part-time classes before enrolling in, and graduating from, The Atelier's full-time 4-year program. She is currently continuing to paint portraits, figures, and still-life work. She has participated in many state plein-air events, and has won several awards for her work. She enjoys traveling and the challenge of painting many different types of landscapes.