The Atelier Studio Program of Fine Art


New: Visual Composition
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Learn Online for Spring 2021

Do your pictures fall flat or look jumbled? Do you find it tricky to figure out what to put where? Sounds like you need composition tools! In this class you’ll get hands on experience with visual composition tools. Through weekly sketch assignments we’ll explore such tools as visual hierarchy, mood or intent, designing the whole, Notan, balance, color, and more! We’ll also analyze pictures to see what tools the artists used and we’ll break compositions to see what happens when pictorial elements are altered. And what’s the big deal with tangents, anyway?

Each week you will turn in assignments using The Atelier’s Google Classroom, so you will need a Gmail account. You can photograph your work to turn it in, a well lit digital photo taken with your smart phone will work just fine. We will review everyone’s work during class in a supportive way. Christine will use Photoshop to make visual notes and paint over your sketches. This system is for class review of projects only. We will meet online via Zoom. Supply list available upon request or after you register.

Limit 8 students.


Winter/Spring Schedule

Day Starting Time Instructor Duration Price
TUESDAYS Jan. 26, 2021 7:00-9:30pm Christine Mitzuk 14 weeks $260