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The instructors believe that students who are serious about the traditional art of drawing and painting will find The Atelier program provides them with the necessary training to pursue an artistic career.

Figure painting
Nude - Richard
by Lynn Maderich
Oil on canvas, 28 x 14 inches

With a fine arts degree from Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota, and periodic classes from other art institutions, I have pursued a successful twenty-five year career in both commercial and fine art. None of it compared to the impact and power of The Atelier's instruction and its perfect relevance to my life-long goal of creating realistic images. The acceleration in my ability since joining the full-time program has allowed me to produce paintings I once could only dream of doing. I am deeply grateful to the existence of The Atelier and the dedication of its directors.

Lynn Maderich, graduate of The Atelier

For years, I tried to find a school that would teach me to paint the way the Old Masters were taught. My search ended when I found Atelier Lack. In other art classes, I felt I was encouraged to rely upon serendipity. At The Atelier, Dale Redpath and Cyd Wicker provide excellent one-on-one instruction to students who desire to learn the fundamentals of classical, representational painting and drawing.

Ginny Reilly, graduate of The Atelier
Portrait painting
Nigerian Princess
by Ginny Reilly
Oil on canvas
Portrait painting
by Jacqueline Capp
Oil on canvas
People's Choice Award 2001 International Portrait Competition American Society of Portrait Artists

When I entered college, I was disappointed in the lack of traditional academic instruction available for drawing and painting. Consequently, I chose to major in another area of interest, biology, and went on to become a dentist. Years later, newly relocated to Minnesota and ready for a career change, I followed the advice of a successful artist I admired and signed up for a workshop at The Atelier. During the weeklong session in cast drawing and life drawing, I recognized that I was finally receiving the type of training I had missed earlier in life. I enrolled in the full-time program and am indebted to The Atelier for providing the foundation and encouragement I would wish for anyone wishing to seriously develop their artistic talent and skills.

Jacqueline Capp, graduate of The Atelier